A week ago (Sept. 1) I was being told that cortisone injections were the next plan of action for an injury that DJ [my daughter] has been dealing with since October 2016. An injury that has taken her out of the game she loves, has put her in a lot of pain, with tingly fingers (like when you hit your funny bone), limited strength (difficult to pick up coffee cup) and unable to straighten her right arm. I mentioned this on social media and got lots of Prayers (which are ALWAYS appreciated) but I also got a message from someone that I admire and trust very much both personally and professionally. He said, “Before you go the injection route, can I try something on her”? He sent me to a website and said, “Check it out we have nothing to lose and everything to possibly gain.” Saturday the 2nd, there we were sitting in his kitchen receiving the first “Shockwave Treatment.” DJ was nervous not knowing what to expect, it hurt (and she is a tough cookie), it throbbed for a couple days and some bruising appeared. She tried to use it more, writing at school has been painful, putting the car into drive was difficult, her fingers felt like pins and needles. Tonight (September 7th) we had another treatment, it was annoying and a bit uncomfortable…. But 10 min after the treatment she said she had NO PAIN for the first time in a long time! She was able to pick up a nearly full Yeti water bottle do a bicep curl and completely straighten her arm!!! I am not saying she is “cured” but what an AMAZING feeling it was to watch her smile!

Deborah Agnew-Rothstein

When I was first referred to you by my Pilates instructor, Muara Lavelle, there was a slight hesitancy on my part. I wasn’t sure if anything could help solve a partial shoulder tear that had me benched from working out for almost a year prior.

Nevertheless, I pushed through my fears and set up an appointment [for Shockwave Therapy]. It was the best thing I could have done for myself.

After one treatment, I felt a noticeable difference.

After the second treatment, even more so.

Following the third treatment… it was time to put my shoulder back into action!

Since those three treatments, I have been on a honeymoon to Maui where I was able to battle test the results. I snorkeled, kayaked and ziplined… all involving considerable shoulder work, and the pain was no longer there. Mind you, before coming to see you I couldn’t even hold a grocery bag full of food in that arm without the shoulder pain… because it was too intense. Now, I’m doing full chest, shoulder and bicep workouts (chest and biceps were affected by the tear as well).

So for anyone that is having troubles healing from a partial tear or injury to a body part, don’t hesitate to let Mike put his miraculous machines to great use. It’ll be the best investment in a medical solution you can make, at a fraction of what the quotes for surgery were.

Mike is a true professional and expert in rehabilitating major league athletes, and after this experience… I’ve called on him several times regarding some other issues I face. I’ll always turn to him first and foremost after this.

Vic Pariso

About once a year, I throw my SI joint out and it happened yesterday — Ugh! A few yoga twists can typically get the joint back in place coupled with a visit to a chiropractor to realign my spine, but I usually have a very sore back for about a week or two due to the ligament & tendon strain. Had one treatment with  Piezowave2 this morning and went from a lot of pain to very minimal & manageable discomfort. Saw my chiropractor the next day and between chiro treatment and PiezoWave, was 100% 48 hours later versus the 7-14 days it would typically take to recover.

Brenda Bryan

In 2016, I developed worsening pain & numbness in my feet. It limited my active lifestyle. My podiatrist gave me a series of injections, which provided temporary relief. Seeking a long term non-invasion solution, I sought out an alternative option and had three sessions of shockwave therapy (Piezowave2) in February 2019. It’s amazing how much better I feel with no down time.

Rachel Gallelo

Having been a professional athlete, I am so pleased I was able to use the equipment the pro’s choose. I used theGameReady five times per day after my surgery, the cold and active compression was a game changer in my speedy recovery while keeping my pain and swelling down.

Jeff Van Raaphorst, 1987 ASU Rose Bowl MVP