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A commitment to seeking out and carrying only the best solutions that help people recover, perform, and live their best lives.

The Extra Mile

Going the extra mile for our customers is an honor, never a burden.

Customer Service

Being a relationship-driven company, with building and maintaining quality relationships at the heart of what we do and how we do it.

Empowering your health for 25+ years

MacSons is a family business Mike with his sons also helping you empower your health.

MacSons was founded by Mike Mcclaflin after 25 successful years in leadership positions in medical sales with leading healthcare companies such as Bioventus, DuPuy Spine and Smith & Nephew. The idea and vision for MacSons is a culmination of Mike’s experiences with leading healthcare companies coupled with a desire to create a company that represents only the best solutions available, provide customers with an old-fashioned customer service experience and offers healthcare providers a path to increase revenue and improve outcomes.

MacSons takes the confusing industry of performance recovery to a personal level to empower your health. Let us help you find the best solution for you within your budget, time needs, and goals.

Meet the Team

Mike McClaflin

Alumni from Northern Illinois University, has the entrepreneurship spirit with a passion for customer service and founded multiple health empowerment companies.

Michael McClaflin

Mike’s son, Michael, loves being apart of MacSon’s trade shows and is currently studying engineering at Arizona State University.

Charlie McClaflin

Mike’s son, Charlie, uses many of the products MacSons provides from his involvement in Cross Country and loves being a model-consumer on social media.

Real Customers

We Proudly EMPOWER All Our Partners & Clients

Our Network

Mike's Experience

Swing Orthopedics

MacSons was able to help Swing Orthopedics integrate new technology into their typical therapy. We provided Vyper massage technology to give the team at Swing more tools to help people get back to their passions faster.

T.O.P.S Physical Therapy & Osteopractics

Macsons was able to help T.O.P.S patients recieve exclusive deals and offers to equipment to keep them feeling empowered after their physical therapy sessions.