User-friendly HBOT technology for home and professional healthcare

We build high-quality inflatable hyperbaric systems that are safe and efficient for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, to bring you better health with each new breath of oxygen.

The OxyNova soft hyperbaric chambers are sealed technical infrastructures in which you breathe oxygen under 1.3 to 1.5 ATA pressure, in order to facilitate the delivery of extra oxygen for therapeutic, wellness and sports recovery purposes.

Wellness & Beauty

A wellness protocol with HBOT can mitigate the effects of aging, oxygenate the body, increase levels of energy and concentration.

Sports recovery centers

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy speeds up the recovery process following strenuous physical activity, and can even treat certain injuries.

Personal use

Having a hyperbaric in the house can provide benefits to the entire family and help everyone experience optimal health.

Clinical trials

Our chambers have been used in several clinical trials over the past years. The technology is qualified for clinical research standards.

OxyNova 5

Best in class for sports recovery.

OxyNova 7

Your personal hyperbaric center.

OxyNova 8

Extra-roomy home hyperbaric center.

OxyNova 9

Professional hyperbaric system for wellness.

OxyNova technology is designed and
built for optimal performance

We aimed to develop a hyperbaric chamber system that can deliver efficient results for each user, which can also be simple to set up and operate, also easily transportable, and cost-efficient.

You feel zen on the inside

Our priority was to build a user-friendly inflatable hyperbaric chamber, designed to be easily operated from the outside and the inside without any assistance, comfortable and silent for anyone, safe and reliable for intensive use.

We focused on user experience and interaction to help you actually enjoy hyperbaric chamber sessions and the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Natural lighting to feel safe

OxyNova users will enjoy natural lighting thanks to our double (Series 5, 7, 8) and triple-pane windows (Series 9). All chambers feature 8 or 10 windows, except Oxynova 5 (3 windows).

Comfortable orthopedic mattress

OxyNova chambers are very comfortable and relaxing thanks to our 100% orthopedic Viscogel mattress, included with every purchase.

Silent enough to meditate during therapy

OxyNova users will enjoy natural lighting thanks to our double (Series 5, 7, 8) and triple-pane windows (Series 9). All chambers feature 8 or 10 windows, except Oxynova 5 (3 windows).

Strongest inflatable chamber on the market

Internal stainless steel frame

OxyNova inflatable hyperbaric chambers are built on a sturdy100% stainless steel framework, which can be assembled in a matter of seconds thanks to our quick-connection frame system which requires no tools for assembly. We are the first on the market to offer this type of component.

Portable and simple to install

Portability was one of our main design objectives. To help you operate the chamber easier, we’ve developed a modular assembly system that works like a charm.

Very lightweight and simple to install, the chamber can be disassembled into individual parts for easy transportation. It can be assembled without any tools, in less than 40 minutes.

Made with materials 100% compatible with oxygen

All metallic parts are made from special lab-grade and surgical-grade, 100% stainless steel, 100% compatible with oxygen. Our chambers are sealed with high-frequency and adhesive-free welds.

Environmentally sustainable

OxyNova® hyperbaric chambers are environmentally sustainable, they are designed to be only used with ambient air, and deliver ± 95% Oxygen Purity (under pressure) with the help of the oxygen concentrator.

Compared with the other available technology on the market, which involves systems that are compressed with pure 100% oxygen from the cylinders, our systems only require a ventilated room and an electrical plug.

Safety and product quality

OxyNova® chambers undergo a multi-stage inspection at all production stages, from manufacturing, assembly, shipping, and maintenance to ensure our customers’ safety and satisfaction.

Each seam, seal, and window is “stress-tested” at a higher pressure to greatly exceed any safety standards. A “burst” test on randomly selected chambers during production is part of strict quality and safety control procedures.

Very efficient ventilation system for clean air supply

OxyNova® chambers are dynamic, which means that we have a constant airflow (ventilation).

Our chambers are powered by an oil-free air compressor, which provides constant ventilation inside the chamber with an airflow of 168 l/min using laboratory-grade flexible tubing & coupling connectors.

Even after it reaches the maximum operating pressure, the air compressor is still delivering 168 l/min.

Air quality

Constant airflow

Bacteria-free environment


We always double-check.

Oxynova Hyperbaric chambers are designed, manufactured, distributed, installed, and serviced based
on quality management standards to ensure the highest quality and performance available.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen under pressure is pure health.

Your health is one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a safe noninvasive way to promote healing and recovery for users of all ages by saturating the body’s cells with pure oxygen through the use of a pressurized hyperbaric chamber.

There are multiple studies about the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and owning a private portable hyperbaric chamber is a must-have for every home.

Health is the one investment with all
the happy returns in the world.


21 years manufacturing premium inflatable mild hyperbaric chambers


The first and only company offering a Lifetime Warranty


Competitive pricing & financing available


Designed and built with focus on durability and safety


The equipment can be returned or purchased anytime during the rental period


Low running and low maintenance costs (air filter replacement only)


OxyNova chambers retain the highest percentage of their MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) among all manufacturers.


We offer continuous training and support to develop knowledge-base.


You have access to all our marketing, distribution tools, and infrastructure.

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