Shockwave Therapy: A Revolutionary Advance In Pain Management

Shockwave therapy, also termed as  Piezowave Therapy, is one of the most innovative and effective new techniques for pain management. This revolutionary therapy offers a non-surgical way of treating chronic pain without the risks of surgery. Shockwave therapy is effective for more severe chronic pain, such as caused by nerve impingement, tumors, and fractures. It […]


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Winter is a great time to get your pool workouts in, as the indoor lap pool is no different in January than it is in July. This can be a great time to ease into the swim aspect of your training plan, building a good cardio base and refining your technique. If you have access […]


Triplanar Vibration

Oscillation (swinging vibration) and lineal (percussion vibration) massagers have been in existence for a long time. After years of observation, the Air Relax saw a need for an alternate vibration type and decide to develop a triplanar (swinging vibration + percussion vibration) massage device. Comparing to Lineal and oscillation motions, a triplanar vibration has differently […]


What exactly is recovery and why does it matter? As physical therapists and certified strength and conditioning specialists, we view recovery as the ability for the athlete to perform optimally the next day. One of the biggest issues athletes face in performing optimally is delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS). DOMS is a result of heavy […]

Athlete Update: Shockwave Therapy for Achilles Tendinitis Treatment and Recovery

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Achilles tendinitis, often categorized as tendinopathies, can become debilitating and often keep athletes off the field or trails for an extended time. The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the body and has muscular extensions above the knee which is why knee and foot range of motion is important as well. Various Achilles pathologies exist […]