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Game Ready® Cold Therapy

After injury or surgery, help your patients and athletes get back to what matters as quickly as possible with Game Ready®.

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“A revolutionary combination of evidence-based modality and best-practice protocol.”*

Randy R. Hite, MPT, CSCS, SCS | Gillette Physical Therapy

Give your patients and athletes a winning recovery with Game Ready®.

After an injury or orthopedic surgery, the rehab and recovery process is most critical to successful outcomes. With the industry-leading Game Ready® cold and compression therapy system, you can help your patients and athletes finish strong, so they can get the most from their recovery regimen and get back to what matters most as quickly as possible.


a woman recovering from a shoulder injury with game ready

More effective cooling than other RICE methods.

Chosen by thousands of orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine specialists, physical therapists, athletic trainers, professional sports teams, and special military forces around the world, the Game Ready System provides faster, deeper- penetrating, and longer-lasting cooling compared to traditional RICE methods and other devices.

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Integrated cold and compression, all in one powerful system.

The portable Game Ready System takes RICE (Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation) to the next level by integrating active cold and intermittent compression therapies with greater adjustability, precision, and convenience than ever before.

game ready machine

Easy to set up, easy to operate.

Setting up a Game Ready Machine is simple and intuitive. Users can select from six automated programs, manually control their own protocols, and customize temperature, compression, and treatment time settings with the touch of a button or turn of a dial.

game ready set up and operation

Innovative wrap design for better comfort and results.

Game Ready’s comprehensive line of dual-action wraps enables integrated, no-mess cold and compression therapy from head to toe. Featuring patented technology, the low-profile, lightweight wraps are anatomically engineered for better fit and comfort – and deliver circumferential coverage and greater surface contact for more effective therapeutic treatment

game ready wrap design

“Game Ready changes how we can treat patients.”*

Jason McWilliams, AT, MS, CTA | UCHealth Steadman Hawkins Clinic | Medicine in Motion

game ready wrap - shoulder wrap, spine wrap, fixed elbow, wrist wrap, back wrap, ankle wrap, knee wrap

Why choose Game Ready® recovery technology?

“Game Ready provides a significant decrease in the need for pain medication and at least a 20% faster recovery.”*

Peter Millett, MD, MSC | The Steadman Clinic

“Pro athlete or not, patients want convenience and progress… Game Ready improves outcomes.”*

Kenneth Akizuki, MD | SOAR | Team Physician, SF Giants

“The best system I’ve ever seen for the treatment of diverse injuries.”*

Chris Spalding, ATC | Director of Sports Medicine & Rehab, US Navy SWCC/SEALS

Help your patients and athletes finish strong with next-level injury and post-op recovery.

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*Based on individual experience, not a manufacturer’s claim, results may vary. **Thermal images and skin temperatures taken immediately after 30 minutes of treatment, all devices applied per manufacturer’s instructions under identical conditions.

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There are inherent risks in all medical devices. Please refer to the product labeling for Indications, Cautions, Warnings and Contraindications. Refer to for product safety technical bulletins.

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