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Winter is a great time to get your pool workouts in, as the indoor lap pool is no different in January than it is in July. This can be a great time to ease into the swim aspect of your training plan, building a good cardio base and refining your technique. If you have access to one, consider becoming part of a master swim group at a local club or pool to benefit from group coaching.These groups can help you work on your technique and get rid of bad habits before you increase your workout intensity in the spring.

Indoor cycling has come a long way in the past two decades. The old days of riding awkwardly designed stationary bikes or putting your cycle on rollers have now gone high-tech. Take advantage of some of the indoor cycling options available to you because there is likely a perfect fit for your particular training style. If you prefer to train at home, using an indoor spinner will allow you to get good workouts on your actual triathlon or road bike while also working in some excellent interval or anaerobic threshold training rides.

Sometimes the best way to get into your triathlon training is to do workouts that have little to do with the three triathlon disciplines. Pulling in regular workouts in yoga can help with your strength, core and flexibility. Adding some specific stretching sessions can help you start the new tri season with flexibility, which will in turn reduce your likelihood of injuries once you increase the workout intensity.

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